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When to Call for Emergency Roof Repair in the Winter
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When to Call for Emergency Roof Repair in the Winter

You may be wondering what constitutes a roof repair emergency in the wintertime. Minnesota winters can get up to 12 inches of snowfall on average. There are a number of occurrences that can happen to your roof and the damage must be prepared immediately.

Some examples that require emergency roof repair include high winds, collapsing trees, snow damage, roof leak, and ice thawing. Due to the harsh winter weather, you may need to get your roof repaired fast to avoid additional damage.

Know when to call for emergency roofing services with our breakdown of emergency repair circumstances!

High Winds

Minnesota is prone to high winds during blizzards in the winter months. High winds in excess of 50 mph can cause roof damage. It is important to examine your shingles and call for shingle roof repair if necessary.

Collapsing Trees

It is important to contact emergency roofing services is a tree or sizable branch falls on your roof. During heavy snowfall, snow can weigh down branches and trees and cause them to collapse.

If the tree is heavy enough, it can cause a hole in your roof that would require emergency repair services. For preparation in the winter months, have a contact for residential roofing services and commercial roofing services handy.

Snow Damage

Large amounts of snow can damage the roof of your home. In the wintertime, snow can continue for days during a winter snow storm and this can cause damage to the roof or shingles that requires shingle roof replacement or shingle roof repair.

Roof Leaks

If water is leaking from the roof into the house, it is important to call your local roofer for emergency repair service. If there is a lot of water coming into the house, it is important to act quickly to avoid damage to your home. Storm damage roof repair will be required to protect the home from damages.

Ice Thawing

During the winter months, water can consolidate under your roof or shingles then freeze and expand. This can cause damage to your roof and shingles if it happens repeatedly.

Roof Collapse

During the wintertime, snow can accumulate on your roof causing the roof to collapse. Your roof can handle a few inches of snow, but heavy snowfall can cause the weight of the snow to exceed the weight capacity of the roof.

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