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Minnesota Roofing Options: All About Cedar Shake
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Minnesota Roofing Options: All About Cedar Shake

Are you looking to learn about cedar shake as a roofing material for your home or business? Our expert Minnesota roofing team has expert answers for all things cedar shake.

Because cedar shake is a great alternative to asphalt shingles, cedar shake roofers are in demand for cedar shake roof repair and installation. It’s a less common material, and that means not every roofing company knows how to work with it.

At Restoration Geeks, our team is highly trained to repair and install cedar shakes. Let us tell you a little more about this timeless roofing option!

What Is Cedar Shake Roofing?

Cedar shake is a classic roofing style with a history dating back to the colonial era. It is used on homes across the country for its unique look, and the appeal of hand split cedar shakes extends beyond its appearance; Cedar shake is not only durable for snowy Minnesota winters, but also environmentally safe.

A cedar shake is a roofing shingle that has a rustic look. Each cedar shake has been crafted with care by being hand split. The unique characteristic of a cedar shake is that it appears to have been cut by an ax.

Cedar shake is not uniform in its appearance but rather varies in size and thickness, creating a one of a kind roof for your home or business.

Types of Cedar Shakes

There are three types of cedar shakes: medium shakes, heavy shakes, and heavy std shakes. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety notes that they are made from Western Red Cedar or Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Each type of cedar shake covers 20 sq. ft. per bundle.

When it comes to cedar shake roof replacement, cedar shake roof repair, and cedar shake roof installation, it is important to be aware of the three different types of cedar shake. The difference in these types of cedar shakes is in the thickness and grade.

A medium shake is 1/2” to 3/4,” a heavy shake is 3/4” to 5/4,” and a heavy std shake is 3/4” to 5/4.”

The cedar shakes have a grade of #1 80% edge grain, with the heavy std shake differing from the two with a standard 100% flat grain grade.

Cedar Shake Benefits

There are many benefits for using cedar shakes in your next roofing project. These rustic roofing shakes add amazing curb appeal. They are durable and can handle harsh weather conditions.

Cedar shakes are 100% sustainable, and they are noted for being safer for the environment than asphalt shingles.

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Ready to discuss the benefits of cedar shake for the exterior of your home or business? Speak to Restoration Geeks about cedar shake roof replacement, cedar shake roof repair, and cedar shake roof installation. Call us today at 952-500-9546 or contact us online.

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