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6 Ways to Prevent Leaks in Your Roofing
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6 Ways to Prevent Leaks in Your Roofing

Storm season in Minnesota can take a toll on your roof. From hail and wind damage to leaks dripping in your attic, your roof needs to be taken care of so it can protect you and your family. The sooner you can catch a leak or keep one from starting, the better for you and your pocketbook.

Our Restoration Geeks contractors are always here for your roof repair needs, but here are some tips for preventing roof leaks in the first place.

1. Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

The best way to maintain your roof is to plan yearly roof inspections. Regularly checking your roof yourself helps keep you aware of potential problems, but for a thorough inspection hire a professional.

Your roofer will check all the nooks and crannies in your attic, verify your roof’s flashing is stable and well connected, inspect your roof’s drip edge to make sure water drips off the roof and away from the fascia, and more. If they see any minor issues, you’ll have options to quickly fix the problem before it becomes a big deal.

2. Keep Your Gutter Systems Clean

Gutters are an essential part of draining water off your roof and away from your house. Any leaves and debris that clog your gutters also trap water on your roof, which can leak into your roof and exterior walls.

Clean out your gutters around the spring and fall to allow for better drainage in Minnesota’s wet months, and don’t hesitate to replace your gutters if you notice broken or missing parts.

3. Cut Back Trees and Branches

If trees or their branches encroach on your home, your roof is at risk. One big storm is all it takes for a tree limb to crash into your roof, scratch your shingles, or puncture your home’s siding.

Removing those branches that edge close to your home is an easy way to prevent roof damage, and it also decreases the amount of leaf, twig, and debris build-up in your gutters.

4. Ventilate Your Attic

Since heat rises, your attic can trap warmer air and humidity, especially in Minnesota’s humid spring and summer months. All that heat and moisture creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow in your walls and even make your shingle roof leak.

Ventilating your attic allows hot, humid air to escape, which keeps your home cooler and even protects your roof.

5. Install Roof Deck Protection

For even more substantial protection on your Shingle roof, have an underlayment (or roof deck protection) installed. This helps your shingles lay flat so water can’t slip under them.

When installed by experienced professionals, an underlayment even keeps your shingles from curling in heavy wind and extends the life of your roof.

6. Add Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles

Hip and ridge shingles cover the seams at the top of your roof where rainwater could seep in. They are also a thicker material that is highly wind-resistant, so by professionally installing these cap shingles, you protect your roof immensely.

An added benefit of cap shingles is that they give your roof a polished, complete look, boosting your home’s value!

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